Props, Special Effects & Prosthetics etc.

Tropikana represents Bloody Stuff (UK):
Home of BloodyStuff Film Props & Effects for Blood, Guns, Glass, Bottles, Blood Squibs & CGI etc.


Although simple stunts will be taught at the academy, for complicated stuff we call upon Pyranha Stunts from South Africa... 4 hours away. They will set up a branch in Mauritius soon.

Marine & Underwater Filming and Support

For specific requirements, we call upon the specialists Frog Squad from South Africa who are also looking at setting up a branch in Mauritius.

Prop Building etc.

Our associate company Full Spec Ltd. can bring together local talent to produce sets etc. to special designs.

Tropikana Studios Stars & VVIP's are welcomed and fare-welled through the  YU Lounge... one of the only two most exclusive Private Airport lounges in the world:

West Coast Office, Geoffroy Road, Bambous, Mauritius

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