Tropikana Studios Stars & VVIP's are welcomed and fare-welled through the  YU Lounge... one of the only two most exclusive Private Airport lounges in the world:

Props, Special Effects & Prosthetics etc.

Tropikana represents Bloody Stuff (UK):
Home of BloodyStuff Film Props & Effects for Blood, Guns, Glass, Bottles, Blood Squibs & CGI etc.


Although simple stunts will be taught at the academy, for complicated stuff we call upon Pyranha Stunts from South Africa... 4 hours away. They will set up a branch in Mauritius soon.

Marine & Underwater Filming and Support

For specific requirements, we call upon the specialists Frog Squad from South Africa who are also looking at setting up a branch in Mauritius.

Prop Building etc.

Our associate company Full Spec Ltd. can bring together local talent to produce sets etc. to special designs.

West Coast Office, Geoffroy Road, Bambous, Mauritius

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